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Liposuction: Modern And Safe.

Get a review of your Lipo options from Dr Simoni in Beverly Hills. With all of the demand in the modern world for medical procedures that are geared toward body sculpture, many new innovations in liposuction are being formalized.

The Dr. Simoni Review

Lipo reviews are just one of the bits of information in Dr. Payman Simoni’s webpage. See his testimonials and facts on liposuction, facelifts and more.

Most people are used to thinking about liposuction as an invasive surgery with a long recovery period that has sketchy results. This is no longer the case. The most scientifically-charged, space-aged procedures are now being employed to give people the physical look they desire. What are these new procedures like? What is laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction is the most reliable way to remove adipose tissue safely and surgically. A laser is an incredibly precise and effective tool in the liposuction world. This is precisely why liposuction is gaining in popularity exponentially with lay people and celebrities alike. Excess, troublesome fat can now be removed quickly, effectively and relatively inexpensively. The specialization of performing liposuction is becoming an increasingly popular field for medical professionals. They are developing reliable skills that were unheard-of just a few short decades ago.

Most people are aware of liposuction procedures that have not been too successful. Think about Joan Rivers. Her quest to preserve the look of youth has become a mild nightmare. This is primarily due to her insistence on plastic surgeries, including liposuction, that are based on antiquated methods. Many celebrities have undergone liposuction procedures that have enhanced their star power and ability to retain an ideal appearance. These successful celebrity liposuction surgeries are what contribute to consumer/surgeon favorite Lipo reviews that lead future patients to the best doctors and facilities.

Some antiquated liposuction procedures were marked by the need to inject potentially harmful amounts of substances like lidocaine and epinephrine. Before laser-centered surgery, massive amounts of chemicals were needed to provide local numbing and control bleeding in patients. Both “dry and wet” liposuction procedures had chemicals administered according to body composition and size of surgery. In many overweight people, these chemical cocktails were very dangerous and set back recovery periods months behind schedule. The chemicals also, contrary to prediction, had the propensity to cause massive bleeding, pain, bruising, swelling, infection and system toxicity. Techniques like these are what caused horrible Lipo reviews in the past.

With the advent of less invasive tumescent anesthesia, like those that are saline-based, or purely meant for localization, more efficient liposuction techniques have been perfected. Tumescent anesthesia is liquid that is pumped into adipose tissue in a target area which liquefies the fat cells and allows them to be easily removed. Just look at Brittany Spears’ and Jessica Simpson’s incredible return to stardom and beauty after the ravages of childbirth. Their liposuction surgeries were completed with lasers, ultrasonic pulses, saline solutions and other forms of very non-invasive body sculpture.

Saline? Sound waves? Yes, liposuction is such a simple surgery now that even the most valuable bodies in the world rely on them. Techniques like smart lipo which targets “vanity” areas of the body and removes stubborn fat deposits are attractive to celebrities, executives and those ultimately concerned with physical appearance. Cool liposuction, which is never meant as a weight loss tool is perfect for firming skin while targeting sensitive areas of the body which were always thought to be “off limits.” These include body parts like the neck, hands, feet, eyes and deep tissues of the face. There is a reason Arnold Swartzenegger still has the same chiseled facial structure that he did in the 70s. It’s due to smart and cool Lipo with minimal tumescent anesthetic involvement.

Intricate body sculpture is also possible with new liposuction methods that don’t put the patient at risk. One of the least dangerous and most effective types of new liposuction is water jet lipo. Instead of tumescent anesthesia, saline solution is used to literally dislodge the fat cells from their fibrous anchors underneath the skin. This procedure is actually considered a “gentle” surgery. It causes little swelling, minimal bruising, can be performed quickly and is very effective at artistic re-contouring of problem areas.

Bruising and swelling is probably the main factor when reconciling which surgery to undertake and budget for. There are three main factors that determine overall lipo prices. Lipo prices are determined by exclusivity of the surgeon performing the operation, facilities costs and the type and amounts of anesthesia. Obviously, if someone wants the best body contouring, the least amount of recovery time and the fewest risks, they will choose a new technique like cool, smart, ultrasonic, or water jet lipo. These methods are performed quickly, require little anesthetic administration, and aside from traveling costs, are the most affordable.

Sometimes Lipo prices are determined by the type of recovery methods as well. If, after surgery, a patient requires extensive equipment to facilitate draining, pain management, do-overs, multi-phasing, infections and general healing, costs tend to skyrocket. If a patient gets healthy before surgery and elects for an exclusive doctor to perform a modern technique, recovery will be quick and the costs will remain reasonable. How is it that a mega star like Halle Berry could have liposuction and maintain a busy acting career? She probably asked the best plastic surgeons in world, “What is laser liposuction?” She ignored the temptation to undergo surgeries that have become a “Hollywood curse” and chose to rely on new Lipo techniques.

She is one of thousands of successful cases. It is probable that Mickey Rourke also asked an expert, “What is laser liposuction?” Some highly skilled Lipo surgeon saved his career and restored his signature bad-boy look.

Careful modern Lipo reviews are also researched for emergency restorative measures. In the past, even if there was a legitimate, medical complaint or reason for liposuction, doctors had to deliberate on whether it was a good idea for a particular patient. Ask Dr Payman Simoni for a review of your medical condition to see if you are a good candidate for this surgery. Dr Simoni has testimonials and information on his website.

Modern liposuction techniques virtually eliminate the debate over safety, except for extreme cases, and are available to almost everybody, everywhere. Prices for modern liposuction surgery are fairly inexpensive. They range from $1,000-$3,000 for simple face contouring, to $5,000-$10,000 for complete upper and lower abdominal procedures. Still, this is a very small price to pay for the elimination of self-conscious feelings about one’s body and the opportunity to completely reinvent oneself. Liposuction truly is a human medical miracle and now it is simple to arrange, undergo, recover from and pay for.

Lipo Costs

Liposuction Prices

Information on lipo costs and prices are interesting prospective cosmetic surgery patients. There are times in life that diet and exercise alone won’t be enough to get rid of specific areas of stubborn fat. If despite your best efforts you’re faced with fat that refuses to budge liposuction could be the answer.
Once you begin to consider liposuction there will inevitably be questions that pop up, such as “How much will it cost?” or “What is laser liposuction?” Looking for online lipo reviews is an easy way to get an idea of what you may be getting yourself into. Lipo reviews can let you know what to expect and what doctors to avoid. You will also get an answer to just exactly what is laser liposuction?

Typically liposuction cost ranges from $1,500 to 7,500. The factors that determine liposuction cost include the quality of the surgeon, the location where the procedure is taking place, the size of the patient and of course which procedure is being performed. Prices will also vary depending on the amount of work needed on the targeted area. Also, some areas require more than one treatment to achieve the full benefit of these body sculpture procedures.
Some of the most popular areas to target are the face, legs and abdomen.
Facial liposuction is a bit of a misnomer as this liposuction targets the areas around the face such as the neck, jowls and chin. Susan Sarandon has had treatments to target the facial area.
The legs are another popular area to target. The main trouble spots on the legs are the calf and thigh. Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears are both thought to have had liposuction procedures on their legs.

Traditional Liposuction methods such as the super wet method require general anesthesia. Once the patient is asleep they are injected with a saline solution. The mixture breaks down the fatty tissue at the treatment site. If the treatment site is large multiple incisions will have to be made. Recovery time from this type of liposuction can be several weeks, as the incision site needs time to heal.

Tumescent liposuction is a low impact procedure and is sometimes referred to as non surgical liposuction. Tumescent liposuction is performed while the patient is awake under local anesthesia. A tumescent liquid composed of various proteins, vitamins and medicines is injected into the treatment site to achieve the body sculpture desired. The liquid melts away excess fat in the areas it is applied to.
Ultrasonic liposuction also uses local anesthesia. This procedure uses a gel that reacts to ultrasonic sound waves. The gel is injected into the fat cells of the area being treated and sound causes the gel to move tearing up fat cells with very little pain involved. This method allows the body to flush out the fat cells naturally.

Abdominal etching is a very specialized form of body sculpture, which creates a six pack look. Beyonce is rumored to have had this procedure done. This form of Liposuction is not for everyone. It is meant to enhance muscles that already exist in very fit individuals.
Another form of liposuction that there has been much buzz over lately is laser liposuction. What is laser liposuction? It is often referred to as smart lipo because of the use of a smart laser. The laser heats up and liquifies unwanted fat, which is then removed from the body or absorbed back into low fat areas. Halle Berry is thought to have had this type of liposuction to get back in tip top shape after the birth of her daughter.
On the whole liposuction is considered incredibly safe. Problems are rare but as with any surgical procedure there are some possible risks. The biggest risk associated with lipo is scheduling too many procedures in one day. It is safer to divide multiple procedures into two or three surgeries scheduled three to four weeks apart. Most of the common side effects associated with the procedure are bruising, swelling and temporary numbness.
Although extremely uncommon, here are some of the more major risks associated with liposuction: blood clots, infections, permanent nerve damage, fluid in lungs and adverse reactions to the anesthesia. The odds of anything seriously going wrong during or after the procedure is highly unlikely. Most of these risks are inherent with any surgery and are not unique to liposuction.

Finding a quality surgeon is very important and can ensure great results. Liposuction cost is definitely going to play a factor when choosing a doctor, but simply finding the least expensive doctor can be a recipe for disaster . Doing research and reading the lipo reviews on various plastic surgeons is a great way to make sure you will end up with an excellent doctor. Dr Payman Simoni in Beverly Hills has a website with testimonials and reviews so clients can give him a rating.
With some careful planning and research liposuction can be a great life enhancing experience.

Lipo Reviews Complaints and Testimonials

Liposuction Explained

Research of liposuction facts or lipo review, explains details of the procedure that removes fat layers from various parts of the body including the neck, abdomen, hip area and thighs. It is a complex body sculpture procedure that involved surgery and removal of the disturbing fat that cannot be removed by exercising or healthy eating. Most people prefer to go for this procedure because of its effectiveness in removing fat. However, there are several health hazards that can accompany the procedure. Most medics have criticized it as being ineffective in some people. This is because, instead of serving its main purpose of reducing weight, it results to mass wasting and unaccounted for weight loss.

The Lipo Testimonials

If you have beauty complaints review the doctors Lipo Testimonials and schedule an appointment.

Other groups of people prefer going for it because it is the trend and lipo reviews their favorite celebrities have posted. In either case, it is important to seek the advice of your surgeon before deciding on whether you want to have the procedure. This will help guide you into the type of post surgical life you will lead. To achieve this, always read testimonials and complaints before undertaking an operation. This is a sure guide to help you know if your surgeon is experienced enough to deliver to you what you expect. If you have cosmetic complaints, read the testimonials and reviews of Dr Payman Simoni in Beverly Hills and schedule a consultation.

There are qualifications that one has to meet to undergo a lipo. Surgery in most cases is the last resort for any ailment or health problem. Since it is a type of surgery, it too, has its qualifications. To begin with, candidates should be 18 years of age and older. It is only in some special circumstances that these procedures are offered to minors. In line with this, the person having the operation is supposed to be healthy. This requires that any previous health problem should be known by the surgeon. Health problems such as diabetes or heart circulation problem disqualifies a candidate from getting the operation. Another qualification for a lipo is the availability of pockets of fat in various parts of the body that require the operation. Several celebrities such as, Kim Kardashian and Shar Jackson, have had lipo reviews.

Types and Mechanisms

The Smart Lipo

Review the facts on Smart Lipo and other liposuction methods.

There are more than five body sculpture mechanisms that surgeons use on their patients. The most common type of this suction is the suction-assisted-liposuction known as SAL. In this procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision on the patient’s body and inserts the cannulae – a small straw-like gadget connected to a vacuum pump. The surgeon then breaks the fat cells by a forward and backward motion. The broken cells are removed from the body by suction. The ultra-sound-assisted-liposuction (UAL) is another type. It has been used in the recent past on celebrities like Tara Reid. Their lipo reviews state that this is a special type of SAL where the cannulae is used to apply vibrations on the fat cells to break them from their walls. As a result, the fats are emulsified and sucked out as liquid. This type of body sculpture has received several positive testimonials and few complaints from the people being operated on. Smart Lipo or other types of liposuction may apply basic principles of these two mechanisms. They include external ultra-sound-assisted-liposuction (EUAL or EXUAL), water-assisted-liposuction (WAL) and the laser assisted.

Side Effects and Health Complications
Side effects are medical minors that arise from a body sculpture procedure. They are usually painful or annoying to the person who has just received the operation. On the other hand, a health complication might result from a biochemical reaction of the cells resulting to unpleasant results or illness. The most common types side effects that arise from these procedures include bruising, swelling, scars, pain, numbness, post-operative weight gain, and limited mobility of the patient. These effects might last a week or even persist to more days. Some of the side-effects, such as pain, can, however, be controlled by over the counter medication. Surgeons always advice their patients on when to resume their activities after the operation.

Complications that arise from a lipo procedure include skin damage, allergic reaction, and puncture of internal organs, some patients have sent complaints on dead skins and contour irregularities. Some surgeons have received complaints of fluid imbalance from their patients. Generally, lipo procedures have their pros and cons. It is required of the patient to go through all the testimonials and other materials deemed necessary such as side effects and complications before applying for a liposuction. Surgeons should provide their patients with a list of symptoms to watch out for after an operation.

On average, a lipo operation costs more than $5,000 for basic procedures and the price might soar on higher depending on the type of surgery you want.